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With integrated CRM, projects, billing, sales & marketing, reporting and collaboration, 1CRM covers all the bases to ensure that you only need one CRM software solution to manage your entire business.

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Use 1CRM Enterprise Edition free for 30 days with up to 5 users. At any time, you can subscribe and move your trial site into production, or start fresh.

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Securely access your data anytime, anywhere, and from any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Windows Phone device. Bring remote teams together effectively.


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Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding 1CRM.
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What is CRM?

We’re glad you asked! CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a business strategy that focuses on attracting, retaining, and delighting customers. Happy customers will often buy more, tell their friends about your business, and stay loyal to your brand. A CRM solution (software or service) typically combines sales, marketing, service and support all into a single online platform. It then automates business processes, and shares that information with everyone in the company – even when they’re working remotely. This increases productivity, collaboration, and sales.

Having all of your business information linked together enables you to see a complete view of any customer at any time. Access their contact information, purchase history, full interaction history, support requests, and upcoming opportunities with the click of a button.

1CRM stands out in the market of CRM solutions because it adapts to any industry with it’s extensive customization options and open source code. In addition to standard CRM features, it also includes full order management and project management modules – to manage every aspect of your business. Lastly, 1CRM is one of the most affordable CRM solutions with a Free 3 User Startup Edition, and Cloud Service starting at $12/user/month.

Can I try before I buy?
Yes! You can start using 1CRM immediately with a completely free and full-featured 30-day trial – no credit card or installation required. You can also explore 1CRM immediately by accessing the Live Demo.
Can I convert my Free Trial into a regular plan?
Yes – to save your data and continue growing your business with 1CRM, you can apply your trial license key to a new 1CRM Subscription here anytime before your 30 day free trial is up. See Editions & Pricing for more details on the CRM solutions 1CRM offers. 

What is my Trial URL?
The Trial URL field above usually contains your business name, or an abbreviation of it. For example, if your business was called Sweet Woodruff, you could type ‘sweetwoodruff’ into the field, and then your Trial URL would be sweetwoodruff.1crmcloud.com.


No spaces, special characters, or uppercase letters. Numbers, dashes and underscores are allowed in this field as it will become your free trial URL.

Can I use 1CRM on my mobile device?
Yes! You can access your 1CRM anytime, anywhere, and from any Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Windows Phone device.
What's the difference between Cloud and On-Premise?
On-Premise software is hosted on your personal (or business) server. Using the 1CRM Cloud Service, we host it for you. Learn More » 
Is 1CRM an Open Source CRM System?
Every edition of 1CRM comes with the source code of the CRM system. This provides you with insight into the functionality of 1CRM and the opportunity to modify it to suit your needs.


1CRM can also be used as a platform to create CRM extensions. 1CRM is not a pure open source solution, as you will not be allowed to modify the source code of 1CRM and then sell it without license.

Learn More » 

What's the difference between the Free 1CRM Startup Edition and the 30 Day Free Trial?
The On-Premise 1CRM Startup Edition needs to be downloaded and installed on your server. Up to 3 users have lifetime access to the 1CRM system. 


The 30 Day Free Trial uses the 1CRM Cloud Service – so there is no install required. We simply provide you with a link to login to your 1CRM. Up to 5 users have access to it for 30 days, at which point you can decide if 1CRM is right for your business.

How secure is my data in your 1CRM Cloud Service? Can I access the service using HTTPS?
Yes, you can access your 1CRM Cloud service using either HTTPS or HTTP. The HTTPS capability (HTTP over SSL or TLS) is made possible by a self-generated certificate installed on each 1CRM Cloud instance by default. If you prefer, you can install your own commercial certificate instead.

Your browser will need to support a feature called Server Name Indication (SNI) to access your 1CRM Cloud Service via HTTPS. A commercial wildcard certificate for the entire 1CRM Cloud is available for browsers that do not support Server Name Indication (SNI) – primarily the Internet Explorer browser on Windows XP.
As well, you can perform regular backups of your 1CRM Cloud system, using SSH, FTP, or simply to Dropbox! Using backup, your data as well as all the 1CRM software will be saved to the location of your choice. We hope this provides added confidence to those still wary of the Cloud!

Your software has so many functions in it. I don’t need them all at my company – can I get rid of them somehow to simplify things for my users?
Yes, any 1CRM modules you don’t need can be removed by disabling access to them in the default Role in Admin. Then they will simply vanish from the user interface.

Was 1CRM previously called info@hand?
Yes, in 2013 info@hand was rebranded to 1CRM Professional Edition. 1CRM Startup Edition and Enterprise Edition then followed. Click Here to read the press release!

What are the main features 1CRM includes?
1CRM is an all-in-one CRM system, including sales & marketing automation, full order management and project management, customer service, and daily activities, such as an integrated email and calendar system. Explore this chart to see a full list of features.  


Discover why 1CRM is the CRM solution of choice for business owners worldwide. Join our 45,000+ successful users to save time, grow sales, and do a better job today!


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