1CRM includes a built-in integration with the website chat system from LiveChat.  This integration allows full website chat sessions to be captured to 1CRM and logged as Activities. The Chat sessions are linked to existing Contacts or Leads – or a new Contact or Lead is created. As well, within LiveChat sessions supplementary data from 1CRM is shown if a visitor is already known there. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, we have included a signup above for a free 30-day LiveChat trial.

Configuring 1CRM to work with LiveChat:

  • You will need the email address and API key of a LiveChat account user that is either the LiveChat account owner or an administrator. To obtain the API key, login to the LiveChat web application at https://my.livechatinc.com/ as an admin or the owner. From the account menu top-right, select My profile, click Edit, then click For developers. The API key will now be displayed.
  • Login to 1CRM as an Admin user. Navigate to Admin – Company Information and scroll down to the Website Chat Integration panel.

LiveChat Settings

  • Set the Chat Integration dropdown value to LiveChat Inc. Enter the LiveChat user email address and API key obtained in the previous step. Click on Check Settings. A popup will open, reporting that webhooks are missing.
  • Click on Fix 1CRM webhooks. The missing Webhooks will be created, and the message All webhooks are set up correctly is displayed. Now close the popup.

LiveChat Settings

Next you need to configure two options: Map Visitors to and If visitor not found.

  • The first option is used to decide how LiveChat visitors are mapped to 1CRM Leads or Contacts. You can choose to map LiveChat visitors to Leads, Contacts or both. When mapping to both Leads and Contacts, contacts are checked first. Mapping is done using each visitor’s email address. If no existing Lead or Contact is found, a new one is created. This is controlled by the setting of If visitor not found.
  • If you map visitors to Leads only, the setting for If visitor not found should be Create Leads. If you map visitors to Contacts only, the setting for If visitor not found setting should be Create Contacts. And if you map visitors to both Leads and Contacts you can set it as you prefer.
  • Once you have configured these options, click on Save.

Map 1CRM users to LiveChat agents:

This step enables the 1CRM LiveChat integration to assign 1CRM chat transcript records to the 1CRM user that matches the LiveChat agent that handled the chat.

  • Edit each 1CRM user record, and at the bottom of the Integration tab screen set the LiveChat User Name to the email address of the corresponding LiveChat agent. The API key is currently not used, and can be left blank.

Map 1CRM User to LiveChat User

Start using LiveChat:

Now each time a chat begins, the LiveChat agent app will display any of the following details for the chat visitor that are available in 1CRM:

  • Account Name
  • Title
  • Department
  • Email 1 & Email 2.
  • Home Phone, Mobile Phone, Work Phone, Other Phone & Fax
  • Website

Below you can see the LiveChat screen showing the additional information about the visitor provided by 1CRM.

LiveChat Agent View

Once the chat is finished, the LiveChat transcript will be saved in 1CRM, associated with the Contact or Lead that was mapped to the LiveChat visitor, and assigned to the 1CRM User corresponding to the LiveChat Agent on that Chat. A sample Chat record in 1CRM is shown below. Chats show on the History sub-panel for Leads and Contacts in 1CRM, together with Emails, Calls, Meetings, Tasks and Notes.

LiveChat Agent View


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