Customer Relationship Management


1CRM is an Online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and business solution. Helping businesses attract, retain, and delight customers through a combination of people, process, and technology. A seamless integration of every aspect of business.


1crm features sales &marketing, order management, project management, service & support

The Age of the Customer

Providing exceptional customer service can mean the difference between a lost customer, and one that recommends you to friends & social media connections. With 1CRM, you can foster a truly personalized approach to customer service. With the click of a button, you can see their every interaction with your business, connect to their social media channels, and seize upcoming opportunities. When they call, you will be ready to continue the conversation.

Key Benefits

Effective CRM solutions reduce costs, while increasing sales & productivity by automating your every business process. Generate leads, nurture customer relationships, manage orders, projects, and service cases all from a single platform. Extensive customization options provide a personalized user experience, saving you time each day, and reducing customer wait times.



Why Every Business Needs CRM Software:


Reduced Errors and Administrative Costs:

Information is only typed in once – CRM, product catalog, proposals, invoicing, customer service, project and resource management – all share the same data.

Better Management:

Sales pipelines that are much better understood, providing clear visibility of any business upturn or downturn well before it represents an opportunity or risk for the business.

Happier Customers (and better customer retention!):

Dealing with employees who now know more about them and what’s going on in their account. Wait times are reduced, and customers only need to say their name once – even if transferred between employees.

Improved Efficiency and Collaboration:

Everyone in the business knows right away where to find information they need, and can access it via desktop or mobile. Employers can manage projects, distribute tasks, and create forums for discussion – Keeping everyone up to speed.

Increased Sales Effectiveness:

The most productive lead sources and sales staff are clearly identified on graphical charts. Using this information effectively enables you to save money on future campaigns, get the best return on your investments, and grow your business at a faster rate.

Greater Sales Reach:

Why do things manually when you can execute and measure new promotional campaigns in an automated fashion? Sales and Marketing tools allow you to effortlessly follow-up with leads, stay in touch with customers, and send email campaigns to specific target lists.


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